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Do you need artificial grass installed quickly and efficiently on your Ventura County property? Contact the Turf Bros now. We’ve installed over 3 million square feet of turf, and have successfully completed over 4,200 installations.

Everyone wants a perfect lawn. Not only does it add curb appeal but it creates the perfect area to play with your pets or kids. But, California does not make it easy to manage a natural lawn. Between harsh sun, a lack of water, and a lack of homes with yard access, homeowners often have to put their lawn aspirations on hold. Fortunately, you can get all the same benefits of a lush, green, and beautiful lawn for your family with the help of artificial turf in Ventura County.

Fake grass is a versatile and incredibly resilient option to consider for your lawn, outdoor area, or even indoor area. It will never overgrow or require landscaping which saves you time and money, plus you’ll help to conserve water while lowering your water bill. It can be placed on any surface in any conditions and will always look exactly how it should through weather, foot traffic, pet damage, and anything else you throw at it.

When it comes time to upgrade your outdoor space or add a little bit of the outdoors to an indoor area, let Turf Bros provide you with expert artificial grass installation in Ventura County so that you can stop worrying about keeping your lawn healthy and get back to enjoying the benefits of worry-free lush and beautiful grass.

  • Low Maintenance
  • Saves On Water
  • Highly Durable
  • Stays Green
  • Works Anywhere


While a natural lawn looks great, they aren’t very environmentally friendly. To fight against the harsh California sun, grass requires a lot of water to avoid drying up and dying. With water shortages already a problem, the water consumption a natural lawn requires can be considered wasteful – especially if it ends up dying or patchy anyway. Plus, runoff from any fertilizers, weed killers, or other chemicals can pollute the groundwater.

Fake grass in Ventura County doesn’t require any water, pesticides, weed killer, or chemicals to stay green and look good. Once we complete your artificial grass installation, you’ll enjoy a water-free and beautiful grass that you can feel good about.

Whether you do your own landscaping or hire a professional, lawn maintenance can be expensive. Between the supplies required to keep the grass healthy, the cost of water to keep it hydrated, and the cost of equipment or professional landscaping services, a natural lawn can cost thousands per year.

Once installed, your artificial grass doesn’t need anything else. There’s no cutting, fertilizing, weeding, watering, or any other cost to you. It simply looks beautiful and functions exactly how you want it to every time.

Tired of mud getting tracked into your home or patches of grass getting damaged from foot traffic and pets? Natural grass can be extremely sensitive to things like moisture, weather, and regular use because of the earth it sits on.

Artificial turf in Ventura County doesn’t get muddy or damaged thanks to resilient but soft plastic that stands up to weather and use without a problem.

Natural grass requires a variety of elements to live and grow which means that grass features are limited to only certain areas and situations.

Fortunately, fake grass can go anywhere because it doesn’t need anything except a ground surface to sit on. This means that concrete patios or pool areas, existing grass yards, and even your home or office can support artificial turf inside or out.

Why People Choose Us?

Premier turf installations backed by great customer service and warranty.

  • Low pricing & Premium Quality
  • 16 Year Warranty
  • Non-Toxic & Lead-Free

The locations we service:

  • Los Angeles County
  • Orange County
  • Ventura County
  • Las Vegas

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