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If you’re looking for artificial grass to be installed by experts in your Orange County home, workplace, or golf course, the Turf Bros are your best choice. With years in the turf industry, and over 3 million square feet installed, we can meet the needs of any project.

When it comes to your outdoor space, nothing makes more sense than artificial turf. The extremely versatile fake grass can be used anywhere to create a lush green grass appearance that stays beautiful no matter the conditions and without maintenance.

Real grass requires a lot of time, money, and effort to keep it healthy and looking good. Whether you invest in the lawn yourself or hire an expensive landscaper to do it for you, a natural lawn can easily become a headache and burden. With water shortages plaguing California and the harsh sunlight killing many different types of grasses, the low-maintenance artificial grass alternative just makes sense for Orange County. You can simply set it and forget it – no watering, cutting, fertilizing, or landscaping required!

Turf Bros offers installation of artificial grass in Orange County to help upgrade your outdoor space or add a grassy feature to any part of your home, office, or business. From putting greens in your yard to pet areas that give your pet the outdoor experience anywhere, there’s nowhere you can’t enjoy lush, soft, versatile, and eco-friendly fake grass in Orange County.

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Mud and Spot-Free
  • Works Anywhere
  • Low Maintenance
  • Always Green
  • Lasts Years


Maintaining a lawn, especially in California’s heat, takes a lot of water. Without it, your lawn will brown, the grass will get rougher, and it will show damage if you try to use it. If you overwater, you’re not only wasting water but can end up with spots due to poor irrigation or muddy conditions that don’t allow you to enjoy the lawn.

Artificial turf in Orange County is unaffected by weather and doesn’t require any kind of watering to stay green and lush. Outside of rinsing the turf off as required, it’ll help you to conserve water and lower your water bill at the same time.

Tired of sweating while you cut your lawn under the California sun or paying a landscaper far too much to do it for you? Natural lawns require cutting, patching of holes, fertilizer, and more to look their best.

Once Turf Bros completes your astro turf installation in Orange County, you can get rid of your mower and clear out your shed because there’s no upkeep required. It will never grow, stands up to all kinds of weather and foot traffic, and stays in place.

From harsh sun to pet stains to yard equipment, natural grass is constantly fighting to stay green and healthy. With all the effort it takes to maintain a natural yard, it’s far too easy for yellowing or damage to ruin your lawn’s perfect look.

With artificial grass, what you see is what you get every time. There will be no weeds, no overgrown grass, and no dead patches. Simply enjoy your green grass anywhere.

If you don’t live on the ground floor of your property or don’t have access to a dirt yard, your lawn dreams don’t have to be dead. Artificial turf in Orange County can be placed anywhere because it doesn’t need water, light, or even air to survive. This means that you can place it in your garage, on your patio, or directly on top of a rock-filled yard to create a lush outdoor space anywhere.

Why People Choose Us?

Premier turf installations backed by great customer service and warranty.

  • Low pricing & Premium Quality
  • 16 Year Warranty
  • Non-Toxic & Lead-Free

The locations we service:

  • Los Angeles County
  • Orange County
  • Ventura County
  • Las Vegas

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