How Artificial Grass Can Give a Greater Return on Investment Compared to Real Grass

If you’re like many homeowners deciding between natural and artificial grass, your biggest concern is likely the cost of getting started. While it is true that artificial grass costs more than grass seed, dirt, and plant food at the store, it can also save you a ton of money over time and provide a great return on investment. Plus, it’ll save you a lot of headache with upkeep.

How Can Artificial Grass Save You Money?

Lower Water Bills

In addition to being a wasteful use of potable water, watering your grass can be expensive. With costs of up to a few hundred dollars per year, a lot of your water bill each month will be going towards keeping your lawn healthy and hydrated.

Artificial grass doesn’t require any water (aside from rinsing it off to clean it every so often), which means you save hundreds of dollars per year on water, help avoid water shortages, and enjoy a beautiful lawn at all times of year.

No Upkeep Required

To keep a natural lawn looking as good as an artificial lawn, you’ll need to invest in its upkeep. Whether this is through hiring a landscaper and paying the hundreds of dollars per year to have it managed or buying the materials and spending your own time maintaining the yard, upkeep will cost you.

Artificial lawns do not need any kind of upkeep. They are free of fertilizer, pesticides, and never need grass seed plus they are always cut to your ideal length so you can save your time and money.

Unaffected By Weather and Wear

Has your lawn ever been flooded or damaged during a storm or because of use while the soil was wet? Natural grass and dirt are susceptible to foot traffic, weather damage, and other wear that can affect the curb appeal of your yard. This can cost you additional time and money to fix it – or you’ll be left with a subpar lawn.

Artificial turf is sturdy and resilient, standing up to all kinds of weather and wear to always stay firmly in place. There won’t be any patching required – just lush green grass anywhere you want to put it.

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